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Quickcheck is a fixed price, comprehensive analysis that will set your project's basics. No matter if you're bootstrapping a new idea, planning a redesign or simply looking for solutions for a business problem, these are the absolute must-have first steps.

It's not a substitute to the full design process, it's rather a design bootstrap. But that's exactly what you need at the beginning.

You'll have your business idea clarified into few points (which we call manifesto). We'll define your target users. We'll cover basic competitive analysis. And finally, we'll give you a design outline for further work. All of that included in a single fixed price.

Oh, there's one more thing - it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Some of the issues covered:
  • What exactly you want to achieve?
  • Who your customers/users will be?
  • What are their problems/goals/needs?
  • How do they currently cope with this problem?
  • What are existing solutions for this problem?

If you're interested in Quickcheck, please contact us and we'll be happy to give you more details.

Other services

UX support

Long-term support for your project, best for middle-sized projects under constant development (like SAAS application). We constantly take care of your project and you can consult us any time you have any question. We also conduct regular status meetings (remotely) to check if the project is still on track.

UX (re)design

If you need to (re)design your project from scratch, we can help you with that as well. After setting the basics (see Quickcheck) we can start designing information architecture, interaction and communication for your site or services. Let's talk about the detail in person.

Project evaluation

Sometimes you just want to know if everything is ok with your project, or you just want to know where are the possibilities for improvements. In each case we would recommend you to try the Quickcheck first, but if you need some arguments to present to your team or board then we definitely can help you.

UX research

In every design process the more you know the better. We can help you with a thorough research to back your design decisions with data. In-depth interviews, site analitics, usability testing and more - let's talk about your needs and we'll come up with a solid plan to gather the data that will give you best insights.

About verifyidea.com

We've been helping startups, companies and organisations deliver their IT ideas since 2007. Having a broad experience in information architecture, interaction design, communication design and usability along with good technical knowledge allows us to provide a good connection between the client, development team and graphical design team.

Our job is to make sure that the client understands and controls the project from the very beginning up to the succesful finish.

If you want to know more about our experience and completed project, contact us and we'll be glad to provide you with any details needed.

Previous experience:
  • 6+ years in UX design and consultancy
  • More than 30 projects delivered
  • Startups, big companies, NGOs
  • International projects, both remote and on-site

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